SELECTING YOUR ASP BATON: Eighty-eight models of ASP Batons assure the perfect match between product and mission. From Locking System to Length, you will find an ASP design that fits your specific requirement. Each series is available with a Grip, Shafts and Attachments that will make your job safer.

LOCKING SYSTEM: Choose between the proven excellence of the original Friction Loc or the simplicity and reliability of the self- closing LeverLoc.

LENGTH: 16, 21 and 26 Series batons allow you to select the compromise between ease of carry and impact potential that best fits your needs.

GRIP: The cushioned hold of Foamed Vinyl, the molded-on durability of DuraTec and the increased retention of Wavemaster provide three distinct, yet equally effective grips.

SHAFTS: The portability of Airweight, low profile of Black Chrome, brilliance of Chrome and corrosion resistance of Electroless make it possible to match your baton to the operational environment.

ATTACHMENTS: Whether improving retention, increasing striking potential or adding auxilliary features to the ASP Baton, all attachments are an integral part of the ASP system. Each is compatible with over three million ASP Batons in use throughout the world.

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